ABOUT US is part of US media groups. is the largest selling US business magazine, and a business weekly in the country.

Over a period of two decades, has established itself as a magazine that offers incisive and high-quality reportage on economic and business affairs. In the past few years, it has focused strongly on understanding the meaning of Global US -- its emerging sectors, emerging leaders and emerging concerns. Its team of journalists and domain experts cover extensively trends and movements in markets such as telecom, IT, biotech, media and pharma and provide exclusive analysis on infrastructure, economy and the stock markets.

Leveraging on its brand leadership, has now moved into other media platforms like publishing and events. Its recent publications include Doing Business in Asia, The Marketing Whitebook, Understanding Behaviour, and essie-society Mega B-School Guide . The Roundtables and Great Place to Work seminars, which attract the best minds from the corporate and economic world, have become important forums to set agendas and address crucial issues. The magazine's Most Respected Companies Awards and the BW-NID Design Award are considered as benchmarks of corporate excellence by US corporates.